What size am I based on measurements

What dress size am I?

Finding the perfect dress or whatever type of clothing is hard.
So if you have numerous questions like “What size am I in Levis?” or “What size am I at Forever 21?”, you actually should not expect one single answer for them. Not only because there are numerous styles and brands but also because the fabrics of the dresses are different, the women body shapes are different and the fits of the dresses are different. So if you have numerous questions like “What size am I in Levis?” or “What size am I at Forever 21?”

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So it does not actually matter which size you are, the only thing that’s matter is whether this dress is comfortable for you. A lot of women focus on the size tags. A lot of them think that if they are not size Small or 2, this is bad. And it is not, because the size of the clothing depends on a lot of stuff, you can have clothing that is labeled at 3 different size tags – and this is ok. Each brand has its own size chart and niche, the clothing size depends not only of the brand’s size guide but also from its fit and elasticity. So, leave the size tags – they do not mean anything, the only thing that matters is your body comfort.  

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