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We all have our own body story. Tell us your body story as you experienced it.

Our body is our best friend, it changes with us, it struggles with us, it keeps the story of our lives.  So, listen to your body, let it tell your story!

Share with us your body story and inspire more ladies to share their body story. We will publish all the stories here on our website, so we can inspire more women together!

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“From a very young age, I felt like my body was different from all the other girls around me. When I was about 13, I started noticing people “checking me out “ while running errands with my Mom. I can remember feeling super self-conscious and when I would ask my Mom about it, she would just say, “Don’t worry about it Marg, they’re only looking at you because they think you’re beautiful!”. I did not believe her. At this moment I did not have a positive body image.

I had a super skinny waist and a super curvy bottom half and I was convinced that was what people were really looking at. (Not my face at all!) And why did that offend me so much? Who or what gave me the impression that there was something wrong with a “curvy” body? And why would anyone single “me” out in a crowded grocery store? 

Looking back I can now see that it was all in my head. I clearly had very low self-esteem which then triggered social anxiety. 

Actually, I became an expert at putting myself down with lots of self-deprecating words. I was the “class clown” in my group of friends at school which made it even easier to make fun of myself regularly. 

Body positivity begins with our self-esteem.  If we put ourselves down enough times, we start to believe all of that negative self-talk to be true. Fast-forward 20 years and I’m a 40 year old Mother of two with body issues. “



“I am extraordinary tall for a woman (6’1 or 185 cm). In addition I have a rectangle body shape. So finding proper fitting clothes or shoes is difficult for me. It is definitely reason for low self-esteem when I go shopping. If a sweater is long enough for me, it is usually too wide. If it fits me in the chest and the waist, it is usually too short. Therefore, for many years I have worn mainly sneakers, jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

With my new job, though however, I’ve had to get out of my comfort zone. As I need different garments for every event that I cover – shirts, trousers, coats and more formal shoes when I go to the parliament. I need waterproof shoes and anoraks when I cover floods and other natural disasters. Comfortable clothes for street protests. And I should wear formal dresses for charity balls and evening events organized by advertisers and sponsors. How I built my confidence again?

Find clothes that make you feel confident, instead of worrying about the size tag. Many women are so badly obsessed with “being a size S,” or any corresponding clothing size that usually fits women with an hourglass body type, ostensibly the most yearned for figure. They simply lose perspective of what a size tag actually means. Does being a particular smaller size suddenly make you apart of an elitist club?  Does it make you feel happier or healthier? Definitely not. I do not care for the size any more, I am much happier than before!”