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  • Fit+Inch” eliminates sizing and focuses on finding you the perfect fit through a few simple measurements from 7 independent brands in sizes (XXS-8X).
  • Stop losing time returning clothing due to wrong size 
  • Shop internationally without worrying which size to order

Find the best clothing for your body with us!

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Imagine a world where size didn’t matter anymore! Where a few simple measurements were all you needed to achieve wardrobing bliss. Where that dreaded little room full of mirrors and bad lighting was no longer the gateway to finding the perfect fit. Fit-Inch eliminates sizing and focuses on finding you the perfect fit through a few simple measurements.

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How we find your best fitting clothes

the Fit Problem

Women are irked by the size charts inconsistency and some of them mistakenly think that they could fit in the same size dress, regardless of the material, the clothing fit, the sizing chart and all the other specifics different brands use depending on their market and target customers.

How we solve it

Our algorithm calculates the best size for you. It takes in consideration your body measurements and shape, clothing fit and measurements and fabric elasticity and match them.

Our community

We aim to create a body positive atmosphere, in which women will purchase clothes not according to an arbitrary size tag, but according to their own, beautiful and unique body size and shape.

What Our customers say

No need for pacing around with an armful of clothes. No waiting for sweaty changing rooms. No need for lengthy session of pounding the pavement and schlepping clothing in and out of fitting rooms. I love! Clothing that fits at your fingertips.

Lizzie Thompson

Between working, errands and child rearing, who has time to find the perfect fit?? Who has time to deal with ill-fitting clothing and returns. I found It helps me find dresses that will fit me perfectly without losing a whole day at the shopping malls or at the post office waiting on a queue to return the next dress that looked amazing online...but in reality, not so much – because it didn’t fit me!

Emma Velasquez

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