Skip the return policy articles. Fit+inch” is here for a fashion revolution!

Dealing with the reject pile of apparel that you ordered and reading just another return policy is far from being an enjoyable experience.

Especially when the clothes in question looked amazing online…

…but in reality, not so much – because they didn’t fit YOU.

Was that easy-going shirt too long?

That floral-patterned dress too tight?

Yeah. The same has happened to us too, far too many times.

Fun, Intuitive, Fitting:

The Fit+Inch” Online Shopping Experience. Fit+Inch”is here for fashion revolution. Skip the return policy articles.

We started Fit+Inch” to help both customers and brands/designers to give you back all that precious time and money spent on unnecessary shipping and returns.

52% of clothing returns in the US are due to sizing issues.

Returns are rampant, and they make things frustrating for everyone involved. You want your exciting new piece of clothing now. Brands don’t want to suffer from extra expenses. Our planet doesn’t need more waste due to a surplus in returned clothing.

Our platform aims to solve the sizing challenges found in modern retailers and make a fashion revolution.

With Fit+Inch”, you can find the clothes you want in a quick, easy and intuitive way.

No more reading of the return policy or size guides of thousands of clothing websites.

shopping experince for women

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Fill out our form with your body measurements
  • Choose your body shape type
  • See the best clothing options for you

We want to make shopping enjoyable for you, instead of the usual frustration you encounter when shopping for clothes or reading return policy articles and size guides before ordering.

But that’s not everything.

Check Out Our “Shop By Occasion” Search

Aside from the usual size gaps, we have added our special “Occasional Search”. It allows you to shop for a specific event.

return policy
Fit+inch” is here for a fashion revolution! Skip the return policy articles

Here is an example:

I have a special date night with my boyfriend on Friday. However, I am both a university student and a part-time worker. I simply don’t have the time to visit a physical store or go through ordering online and dealing with the fit issues and uncertainty that comes with that or reading return policy articles and size guides.

I go to, enter my body measurements, click on my preferred style and the occasion type.

What I’m presented with are pieces that fit my body, my personal taste, and the particular event I had in mind.

Find the perfect dress for you !

(Take our quiz and we will help you right now!)

Finding the right dress is both efficient and effortless. It gets shipped to my door, I try it on – it fits me perfectly due to the custom measurements, and I go out on my date feeling confident.

Needless to say, I have a wonderful date night and get complimented on how well it fits me!

Us + You = The Perfect Combination!

Know anyone out there who’s ever enjoyed going to the post office to return ill-fitting clothing reading return policy blog posts and tips?

Our platform is for all the busy women out there who don’t have time for fussy returns and frustrating shopping experiences. They just want to look and feel good in their clothes.

We want you to enjoy shopping with a more intuitive experience that helps you find the right fit for your body without reading return policy posts and size guides.

Kick off your shoes, find a cozy spot and get ready for all of the amazing clothing options we have curated just for you!

We are your ultimate survival kit; your secret weapon to a dazzling wardrobe that brings you confidence and genuine joy.

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