Outfit Ideas for an Apple Shaped Body

I really do not like this name”Apple Shaped Body”, so I prefer calling it the “O” shape or Catherine Zeta Jones type. Typically, ladies with this kind of shape do not have a well-defined waistline. That’s why,  for this body type wearing a drapey dress or top is the best. That way you cannot really say where the waistline is. So, the accent is on the legs or shoulders.

What is an apple shaped body?

  • You have thinner arms, shoulders and legs
  • You have an undefined or less defined waist
  • Weight is gained mainly around your waist and hips

Style Guide for the Apple Body Type

  • Accentuate you fuller bust, amazing legs or/and arms
  • Do not rely on structured styles with a well-defined waistline

Tops for the Apple Body

The Best Tops For Apple Shaped Figures

  • A-line tops
  • Looser peplum tops
  • Drapey flowing blouses and tunics
  • Relaxed button down shirts
  • Wrap tops with adjustable belts

As a whole, the sleeve lengths depend on you. Therefore, if you love your arms and shoulders choose a strapless or sleeveless top and show them off. But if you prefer to cover up, choose tops with more fitted sleeves.

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Pants for the Apple Shaped Body 

The Apple-Shapes Favorite Pants

Avoid high-waisted or skinny pants which will emphasize your mid-body section. Skinny pants will make your body disproportionate. Furthermore, they will make your legs look thinner and will emphasize your upper part making it look bigger. Straight pants or wide leg pants will balance out your body shape. Go with them. What’s more wide-leg pants combined with high heels will not only balance your body proportions but will also elongate it.

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Skirts for the Apple Shaped Body

The Apple-Shapes Favorite Skirts

Ladies with apple shaped bodies usually have amazing legs, so accentuate them. A-line skirts, fit and flare skirts and circle skirts will create some curves around your hips. Furthermore, they will make your waistline look smaller. In contrast, avoid pencil skirts they will make your upper part look bigger and your body will look disproportionate.

Dresses for the Apple Shaped Body

Perfect Dresses For The Apple Shape

Empire – waist dresses hide the stomach and waist, they are comfy, yet perfect for your body type. Similarly, shirt-dresses, wrap dresses and generally dresses with A-line silhouette are perfect for your body shape too. Dropped waist dresses are also a good choice, because they hide the waistline and cover the hips while accentuating the legs. For drop waist dresses we recommend styles that fit more loosely and drapey.

Hence, the dresses are a good option for your body type, just remember – do not choose dresses with a built-in waistband that defines the waist.

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Outerwear for the Apple Body Type

Perfect Outerwear For The Apple Shape

Ladies with apple body type look great in jackets, coats and vests at the hip level or upper thigh. Ponchos or A-line coats are the perfect silhouettes for your body type. If you like trench coat styles go for them but without the waistband. Mid – waist jackets are not for you because they will make your upper part look bigger and your body will look disproportionate.

Blazers For the Apple Shape

If you like blazers try more structured tailored blazers and coats made of thicker fabrics. The thicker fabric will hold the structure of the blazers and they will create a proportionate look by slightly defining your waist and forming curves around the hips.

Accessories for the Apple Body

Perfect Accessories For The Apple Shape

As we said above, most of the ladies with apple bodies have amazing legs. So, accentuate your legs with fabulous pair of shoes.

If you like dramatic rings and bracelets, go for them. But necklaces should be more delicate as we are trying to build a proportionate look.


We all have different types of bodies. Hence, if you are still not sure which body type you are and how to shop according to your body type, go on Fit+inch” 

This guide is a good starting point to organise your amazing wardrobe according to your body type. Above all, just remember that you have to love your body and embrace it, because it is not your new dress that  makes you feel beautiful, it is your attitude and self-love that will achieve that. Love yourself!

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