Outfit Ideas for a Pear Shaped Body

In this article we will show the best clothing options for a pear shaped body. We know that you do not like comparing your body to a fruit. So another way to call a pear shaped body is a triangle body shape. Or we prefer to call it the Beyonce body shape. If the hips are the widest part of your body, then you have a triangle body shape or pear body shape. It is the most wide-spread body shape. Therefore, if you have this body shape, you should like to accentuate on your waist and play with showing off your legs. The pear shaped ladies look great in every pair of jeans. You should love your body type. It is sexy and curvy. No matter which part of your body you would like to hide or accentuate, we are here to help.

Still wandering “What’s my body shape?”….

If you are still not sure which body type you are, check our article “Body types” and get to know how you can define your body type. However, if you already did it and you know that you have a pear shaped body, then here are some styling tips.


You have:

  • a wider bust than a waist
  • fuller hips and bottom
  • narrower shoulders in comparison to your hips

Style Guide

–         Play with proportions and elongate your body

–         Choose statement tops that accentuate YOUR waistline

–         Add accessories to your style – necklaces, earrings, scarves

Tops for a Pear Shaped Body or a Triangle Body Shape

Or Tops for a Triangle Body Shape

Remember that the accent should be on your upper body and waistline. For example, tops with embellishments, sleeves or shoulder details are a good choice. Love brave patterns and bright colors? Go for it. In addition, if the top is in a lighter color than your pants or skirt, it will be better. Again the accent will be on your upper body and your hips will look less curvy.

Clothing details:

For instance: Plunging V-necks, Cowl necks, Bell-sleeves, Scoop neck, Voluminous sleeves, Kimono Sleeves, Bell Sleeves

All of these clothing details accentuate on your upper body and create a more proportionate silhouette.

However, stay away from cropped tops as well as loose and oversize blouses and shirts. Short tops will accentuate your curvy bottom and they will make it look even curvier. The oversize blouses and shirts will not define your waist and they will make your body look shapeless. However, fitted tops or any tops that define your waistline with a hip-length hemline will elongate your body, define your waistline and make your bottom less curvy.

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Outerwear and Jackets for the Pear Shape

Gorgeous Outerwear for a Triangle Body Shape

The best outerwear for this body shape is the trench coat or jacket and coats that have well-defined waist. For instance, the trench coat usually includes a belt so it will define your waistline nicely. In addition, choose outerwear with structured shoulders that will balance out your curvy hips.

Say Yes to:

– A-line jackets

– Princess cuts

– Mid-thigh length

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Perfect dresses for the Pear Shape

Fabulous Dresses for a Triangle Body Shape

A-line dresses, fit and flare dresses, midi dresses. For example, dresses with dramatic sleeves, embellished necklines or necklines with ruffles and open backs are perfect for your body type. In addition, dresses below the knee will elongate your body shape. Love maxi dresses? Go for them too. Moreover, they are not only very comfortable but also will elongate your figure.

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Pants for the Pear Shaped Body

Best Pants for a Triangle Body Shape

For example, boot cut and flared styles will do great for your bottom half what dramatic necklines and structured sleeves will do for your upper body. Boot cut and classic pants are the best options for the petite size women . Wide-legs pants are always a good choice. The flare of the pants will balance out the curvy hips.

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Skirts for the Pear Shape

Best Skirts for a Triangle Body Shape

Above all, fit and flare and A-line skirts are the perfect option for your body shape. Moreover, they will emphasize the waistline and will flow gently over the hips. 

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In conclusion, we all have different types of bodies. If you are still not sure which body type you are, check out our article Body types and take our Quiz.

To sum up, this guide is a good starting point to building your amazing wardrobe according to your body type. Above all, just remember that you have to love your body and embrace it, because it is not your new dress that you makes you feel beautiful, it is your attitude and self love that make you feel beautiful. Love yourself.

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