Mom Blogs Should Be More Real! Moms Should Stick Together!


Popped into Zara after reading an article about date night outfit ideas on one of my favourite Mom blogs.  With my endorphins running high  and a couple of hours sans the kids, I grabbed several pieces off of the racks, hoping to find a sweet little treasure for Date Night with my guy. 

mom blogs
Mom Blogs Should Be More Real!

A few silent cries for help later, I was sweating up a storm. Getting stuck in blouses and bottoms (with no one there to help) is a recipe for claustrophobia not to mention panic attacks. I left Zara feeling frustrated and down in the dumps.  Has my body morphed so much  since I’ve had kids that I can’t even fit into Zara anymore? Motherhood will do that to you! Or is it just the fact that sizing has gotten so inconsistent from store to store that I don’t even know what my size is anymore? Why can’t shopping just be easy?!! 


mom blogs
Mom Blogs Should Be More Real!

Moms these days want it all. And we deserve it!!! Mom blogs tend to make it all look so effortless with their perfect, skinny bodies and trendy ensembles, when in reality, motherhood is tough. We put our kids needs before our own more often than not and feel guilty when we can’t give our kids the world. It’s especially a challenge for the working Moms who have to get themselves and their kids out the door in a timely fashion. 

Even as a part-time working Mom, I had a meeting downtown the other day and had to drop my son off at school first. Naturally we’re running late and I’m working on finding an outfit that both looks great and doesn’t require me to suck my stomach in all day.  Ouch!! I also have to ensure that my son is dressed, teeth brushed and fed. And don’t forget my hair and makeup.

Naturally we’re running late and the garage door is acting up and i realize the car is super low on gas.  It was just one of those mornings….What made it worse was not having a pair of pants that fit comfortably! I had to go thru several pair before finding one that worked. While, my body has definitely been every size from a 00 to a 16, skinny or shapely, shouldn’t Mom’s still be able to find clothes that fit comfortably? 

The last thing a working Mom has time for is pounding the pavement in search of the perfect fitting pair of jeans! 

mom blogs
Mom Blogs Should Be More Real!

Which is why many of us tend to settle for just “okay”.  Between working, errands and child rearing, who has time to find the perfect fit?? Whether you’re the kind of working Mom who goes into an office everyday or you’re a working Mom who spends her day focused on the kids, we deserve to feel good in our own skin.  And being able to grab for that perfect fitting, multi-functional piece that you can actually move in (while feeling like a rockstar) is the key to it all! 


The Holidays came and went and before I knew it, I had gained ten pounds. Having to go up a whole size, sometimes two, can be super depressing.  What’s more depressing than that is having a closet full of gorgeous pieces that are all too small. Was all that indulging on turkey and pie worth all of this frustration two months later? The Mom Blogs always have a few tips and tricks up their sleeves but when push comes to shove, I just want simplicity.  I don’t want to have to go to five different sites to shop for one outfit that may or may not fit. 

Fit+Inch” eliminates sizing

Imagine a world where size didn’t matter anymore! Where a few simple measurements were all you needed to achieve wardrobing bliss.  Where that dreaded little room full of mirrors and bad lighting was no longer the gateway to finding the perfect fit. Fit+Inch” eliminates sizing and focuses on finding you the perfect fit through a few simple measurements.  

Size Large is just semantics after all.  A word thats tends to differ from one label to another.  And from person to person.  We shouldn’t give it so much power. 


Mom Blogs Should Be More Real!

Motherhood is a beautiful and rewarding thing and so is finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans!!! LOL I want to wear pieces that I can live in too!!! A comfy dress that goes from school drop off to a work meeting, then home for dinner prep.  Machine washable. A pair of jeans with enough stretch so that I can climb in and out of my SUV without it feeling like a workout.  That’s right, my latest pair of jeans have gotten so uncomfortable that I can barely move in them. Comfy and crisp, machine washable, stretch, multi-functional and chic. All of these are key words to describe a Moms dream wardrobe. And Fit-Inch will make that dream a reality! 


Mom Blogs Should Be More Real!

Life happens and two kids followed by the sudden loss of my mother and I find myself a changed person in more ways than one.  My body has morphed into one with more curves, more lumps and bumps and a never ending  inner dialogue of negative self talk. Why are we, as mothers, so hard on ourselves? 

There are so many stresses in life as it is, and Moms have to tack on about a dozen more to that long list. Our weight fluctuates based on life occurrences and the stresses that come with that.  When my Mom passed away, I was super depressed and lost all motivation.  My body felt weak and broken and I gained twenty pounds.  I was left with a much fuller mid-section.  Nothing fit right and I was uncomfortable in everything but sweats. 

Learning to be nicer…

Little by little I’m learning to be nicer to myself and to my forever changing body. I deserve to feel chic at every size without compromising comfort. 

I think we should all try and be a little nicer to ourselves and especially to one another. The constant competition to be the perfect perfect on social media and in our own communities is bringing us down. Moms should stick together and Mom Blogs should be more real! Who’s with me?? 

Check these mom blogs that keep it real about motherhood.

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