Hourglass Figure Outfit Ideas

Ladies with hourglass figure usually have well-defined waist but bigger hips and bust. In other words, their bust and hips are roughly even. Certainly, women with this figure are extremely sexy because of their feminine curves.

Their bust and hips are roughly even. Usually women with this figure are extremely sexy because of their feminine curves.

Example for a lady with hourglass figures is Sofía Vergara.

Sofía Vergara

Two major tips for dressing an hourglass figure:

1)    Define your waist. We totally recommend waisted dresses or waist belts

2)    Show off your gorgeous curves – you have a feminine beautiful figure

The Best Pants for Hourglass Figure:

Boot cut, straight leg or wide leg pants are perfect for the hourglass-shaped girl. Mid-waist and high-waist pants are preferable. Moreover, the slight flare of the will balance out the curvier hips. However, choose pants that have more elasticity in their fabric so they can fit well around the waist and especially thru the hips. Because of the bigger difference of the waist circumference and hips circumference, it might be harder for you to find pants that fit well in both places. In addition, some alterations might be needed. However, pants with more elasticity will not only fit better but they will be more comfortable for you.

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Must-have skirts for Hourglass Figures

We totally recommend pencil skirts, full circle skirts, fit-flare skirts and A-line skirts for you. Pencil skirts will show off your beautiful hips and will look elegant on your hourglass figure. Of course, only choose a pencil skirt style if you’re comfortable with showing off your hips as it is a more fitted look.

Otherwise all the other three skirts – the full circle skirt, fit and flare skirt and A-line skirts will definitely look good on your body shape too. The accent there will be your legs. With fit and flare skirts you will accentuates your smaller waist. The fit and flare skirts are an amazing addition to your for a date night with your favorite person – for more amazing outfit ideas, check our article – 9 Cute Fall Date Outfits Perfect for Day and Night That You Will Love.

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Best dresses for Hourglass Shape

Wrap dresses, fit and flare dresses and A-line dresses they will all look great on you. Again consider dresses with more elasticity.  It is usually hard to find dress that fit well on bust, waist and hips, especially if there is no elastane in its fabric. Therefore choose dresses with higher  lycra or elastane percentage in their fabric content. For example, perfect fabrics are Ponte Milano Knit, Jersey and any cotton or viscose fabric with higher percentage of elasticity. If you have a fuller bust and hips, please, avoid horizontal stripes. Moreover, wide, horizontal stripes will accentuate your fuller shape, making it look larger than in reality.

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Tops for Hourglass Shape


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Outerwear for Hourglass figures

Best Ideas for Hourglass Shape

Outerwear for Hourglass Figure Gallery

Tailored, well-fitted jackets with darts defining the waistline are the perfect choice for your hourglassfigure. The best length for the jacket is till to the top of your hips. For longer coats and jackets, those with an A-line silhouette with a  well defined waist or use a belt to accent your waist. Otherwise you risk looking shapeless.

 In conclusion, the Hourglass figure is one of the sexiest body figures, show off your curves instead of hiding them under oversize clothing.

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