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Find clothes that make you feel confident, instead of worrying about the size tag. Many women are so badly obsessed with “being a size S,” or any corresponding clothing size that usually fits women with an hourglass body type, ostensibly the most yearned for figure. They simply lose perspective of what a size tag actually means. Does being a particular smaller size suddenly make you apart of an elitist club?  Does it make you feel happier or healthier? Definitely not.

We lost our self-confidence

How to gain self confidence?

“In fact these days, the label doesn’t even accurately dictate the “size” of the garment. The reason for that is the size inconsistency from brand to brand, and the ridiculous nature of vanity sizing. What we considere to be a size 14 in one store could be considerably larger or smaller in another.  We’re so focused on labelling, competing and comparing ourselves and our clothes to others around us. We forget to focus on expressing who we truly are and loving ourselves for it”, British blogger Laura Ferry says. We have to be more confident.

Finding the right size could give you a pretty bad headache and lower your confidence

I love shopping. I used to go at least once a month on a shopping spree in the malls. So, I never look at the size tag. I can assess whether a garment will fit me as soon as I take it off the hanger. But I started working as a reporter in a small media outlet three years ago. I’ve had to revamp and diversify my wardrobe and my shopping habits. And also I’ve had to diversify the items in my wardrobe. I have significantly less time to go to brick-and-mortar apparel stores. Therefore, I had to embrace online shopping. But through my online shopping experience I lost my self-esteem, because nothing fits.

I am extraordinary tall for a woman (6’1 or 185 cm). In addition I have a rectangle body shape. So finding proper fitting clothes or shoes is difficult for me. It is definitely reason for low self-esteem when I go shopping. If a sweater is long enough for me, it is usually too wide. If it fits me in the chest and the waist, it is usually too short. Therefore, for many years I have worn mainly sneakers, jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

With my new job, though however, I’ve had to get out of my comfort zone. As I need different garments for every event that I cover – shirts, trousers, coats and more formal shoes when I go to the parliament. I need waterproof shoes and anoraks when I cover floods and other natural disasters. Comfortable clothes for street protests. And I should wear formal dresses for charity balls and evening events organized by advertisers and sponsors. How I built my confidence again?

How to be more confident when shopping – forget about the size tag

Self-confidence builders

Online shopping is definitely a time saver. But it has become a costly endeavor for fashion brands as they spend billions covering “free” returns. And buying clothes online has turned the once pleasant shopping experience into a total imbroglio for the customers. Women are irked by the size charts inconsistency. Some of them mistakenly think that they could fit in the same size dress, regardless of the material, the pattern, the sizing chart and all the other specifics different brands use depending on their market and target customers.

“Clearly, modern fashion has a fit problem. And while it does affect men, whose shirts and jeans rarely bear honest measurements, it’s a much more sweeping issue for women—not just because we have more clothing options but also because we are more closely scrutinized for what we wear”, staff writer for TIME Eliana Dockterman says.

How brands boost their sales through playing with customers’ confidence

Some brands deliberately put a different size tag on a garment in order to boost sales. Sounds silly right? Think about it this way – if you’re a size L and the label of the shirt you’re holding says it is an M. You’ve been incited by bigoted stereotypes, deeply rooted in the society, to think that is a “good” thing (because weight loss, regardless of what size you are, is something that is praised, especially in women). However, if the size label says XL, that’s “bad” because you must have gained weight (even though you really haven’t changed size at all, it’s just a different label on the shirt).

The rise of so-called vanity sizing has turned most labels into meaningless pieces of paper.

Be confident when shopping online

How to improve the self confidence

This is why I am more than happy to collaborate with Fit+inch” . Fit+inch” is a two-sided marketplace which will provide customers with the best clothing option according to their own body measurements and shape, garments fit and elasticity. Once developed, the platform will help brands to optimize production, decrease returns and reach more customers with the same body measurements that fit best within their brand size chart.

The main purpose of the project is to get rid of the size tags, to enhance body positivity and to build a community of confident women with high self-esteem who pick their garments not according to the number written on a tiny piece of paper but according to their own body shape and measurements. Fit+inch” mission is to boost women’s confidence.

An arbitrary size number is not an indicator for of beauty or for a good-looking figure. Those are literally just letters or digits printed on a tag. Instead of focusing on this, you’d be better off finding clothes that make you feel confident, comfortable, attractive, and most importantly yourself.

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