Body positivity begins with our self-esteem


Body positivity roots in the belief that people should have a positive body image. From a very young age, I felt like my body was different from all the other girls around me. When I was about 13, I started noticing people “checking me out “ while running errands with my Mom. I can remember feeling super self-conscious and when I would ask my Mom about it, she would just say, “Don’t worry about it Marg, they’re only looking at you because they think you’re beautiful!”. I did not believe her. At this moment I did not have a positive body image.

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4 Causes of Low Self-Esteem When You Shop for Apparel

Apparel shopping can lead to low self-esteem. Pop-cultural cliches have led us to believe that women love shopping for clothes.

Yes, a lot of us do adore the idea of updating our wardrobe with new pieces that fit our style. We love the end product – taking home the coveted new dress, or skirt, or blouse.

What can we say about the process of shopping, though?

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Clothing measurements. How to find clothing that fits?

clothing measurements

In a perfect world, size inconsistency wouldn’t exist. Instead, we would navigate effortlessly through dozens upon dozens of brands and their collections with standardized clothing measurements.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In a frustrating reality for far too many women, clothing measurements differ from brand to brand. In conclusion, this chaos in measurements often transforms the supposedly happy process of shopping into a tiring, nightmarish labyrinth.

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