Body Types. What Body Type Am I?

Women have various body types. Knowing your body type allows you to focus on the parts that you like in your body when you style your outfits and hide parts that you like less. It also allows you to find better well-fitted clothing when you shop online and to choose only styles that will look great on you.

What’s my body type?

body type quiz
What’s my body shape?

If you are aware of your exact body measurements, you will be able to not only find out your body shape but also to shop for clothing smartly. Each fashion brand has its own size chart according to its niche and market. Knowing your body measurements and comparing them with the size guides of the brands will help you figure out which garment is for you and which not. Choosing the right clothing according to your body measurements and shape will save you a lot of money and time dealing with returns after that. Do not forget that returns are not harmless for our nature. Clothing returns are harmlful, not only for our self esteem, but also for our planet.  Clothing returns: a hidden ecological disaster.

Before we explain the difference between the body types. Let’s first check how we take our body measurements. You definitely need to know them before you define which body type you are.

Body measurements 

As we explained in another article of ours – you need to know your body measurements first. So here they are again.

  • Bust measurement: Measure under arms and around your chest, right where the fullest part of your bust is.
  • Waist measurement: Simple – just measure around your waist where your torso is at its smallest/narrowest.
  • Hip measurement: Keep your heels together and standing upright, measure the fullest part of your hips.
  • Shoulder Width: You have to ask a friend of yours or family member to take this measurement for you or you can just measure your favorite dress directly. Imagine a straight line from your armpit to your shoulder. Measure between these two imaginary lines between your shoulders. Hold the tape straight.

Ok, now you have your body measurements, let’s find out your body type.

Now what’s my body type?

Body types:

Pear Shaped Body/Triangle Body Shape

or Spoon Body Shape

Pear Shaped Body
Body Types. What Body Type Am I?

If the hips are the widest part of your body then you have triangle body shape or pear body shape. It is the most wide-spread body shape. An example of celebrity with this type of body shape is Beyonce. If you have this body figure, you would like to accentuate on your waist and play with showing off your legs.  C
Outfit Ideas for a Pear Shaped Body

Tops for Pear Shaped Body or Triangle Body Shape

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Inverted Triangle Body Shape

or “V” Shape Body

Inverted Triangle Body Shape
Body Types. What Body Type Am I?

If the widest parts of your body are your shoulders and your breast then you have inverted triangle body shape. Usually women reach this body shape by training rather by nature. It is a sporty type figure. Usually the hips are narrower than the shoulders. Renee  Zellweger and Naomi Campbell. Both of these ladies have sporty figures and both of them look great.

Rectangle Body Shape

or “H” body shape

Rectangle Body Shape
Body Types. What Body Type Am I?

Straight body shape women do not have many curves. This is the shape of Cameron Diaz. But she also looks great, right? They have the easiest figure to style and look great in almost everything.

Apple Shaped Body Type

or Oval body shape

Apple Shaped Body Type
Body Types. What Body Type Am I?

I really do not like this name ”Apple Body Type ”, so I prefer calling the “O” shape or Catherine Zeta Jones type. So, typically, ladies with this kind of shape do not have well-defined waistline. For this body type wearing drapy dress or top is the best. So you cannot really say where the waistline is. The accent is on the legs or shoulders. 

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Hourglass Body Shape 

Hourglass body shape
Body Types. What Body Type Am I?

The hourglass body figure is the most famous one. But it is not as wide-spread as the pear shaped body. Unfortunately, still a lot of brands make their clothing for this body type and this makes it extremely hard for women with any of the other body types to find clothing. Example of celebrity with hourglass shape is Sofia Vergara. For this body type the accent should be on the waistline. For more outfit ideas and style tips for this body type, check here.

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