Body Type Quiz

Take our Body Type Quiz and find out your body type and outfit ideas according to it.

As we explained in another article women come in various body types. Knowing your body type allows you to focus on the parts that you like in your body when you style your outfits and hide parts that you like less. It also allows you to find better well-fitted clothing when you shop online and to choose only styles that will look great on you.

Body measurements 

As we explained in another article of ours – you need to know your body measurements first, if you want to figure out which your body type.

  • Bust measurement: Measure under arms and around your chest, right where the fullest part of your bust is.
  • Waist measurement: Simple – just measure around your waist where your torso is at its smallest/narrowest.
  • Hip measurement: Keep your h

Female Body Types

There are 5 body types and through our Body Type Quiz you will find out which one is your type.

Get some outfit ideas and learn more about your body type below in the links. In the links you will find skirts, dresses, tops, pants and outerwear according to the different body shapes. Our boards on Pinterest will help you shop according to your body, links in the articles.

So take the quiz and start shopping according to your own body, personal needs and comfort.

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