Skip the return policy articles. Fit+inch” is here for a fashion revolution!

return policy

Dealing with the reject pile of apparel that you ordered and reading just another return policy is far from being an enjoyable experience.

Especially when the clothes in question looked amazing online…

…but in reality, not so much – because they didn’t fit YOU.

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What dress size am I?

How often do you hear the question: “What dress size am I?” When was the last time you could effortlessly find a well-fitting outfit? What about the other women around you?

In most cases, the verdict is clear. Despite knowing our body measures properly, we have to sift through piece after piece in search of The One. This can go on for hours.

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Clothing Returns: a hidden ecological disaster


What happens when you see “Free returns” on the product you’re just about to order?

You’re probably delighted. In fact, free returns have become a staple in attracting customers’ attention. A free return gives you peace of mind and incentive to keep buying. Because why wouldn’t you want to save a little money in the process?

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Women’s Self-Esteem and “Vanity Sizing”


Have you come across the term “vanity sizing“? A term directly related to women’s self-esteem.

Put in a more formal way, this phenomenon describes how clothes of the same nominal size actually expand in physical size over the years.

To be more blunt, the core concept of vanity sizing is to make women feel slimmer. A size 14 now is physically bigger than a size 14 five years ago, yet it remains labeled like this for the sake of vanity sizing.

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Mom Blogs Should Be More Real! Moms Should Stick Together!

mom blogs


Popped into Zara after reading an article about date night outfit ideas on one of my favourite Mom blogs.  With my endorphins running high  and a couple of hours sans the kids, I grabbed several pieces off of the racks, hoping to find a sweet little treasure for Date Night with my guy. 

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Body positivity begins with our self-esteem


Body positivity roots in the belief that people should have a positive body image. From a very young age, I felt like my body was different from all the other girls around me. When I was about 13, I started noticing people “checking me out “ while running errands with my Mom. I can remember feeling super self-conscious and when I would ask my Mom about it, she would just say, “Don’t worry about it Marg, they’re only looking at you because they think you’re beautiful!”. I did not believe her. At this moment I did not have a positive body image.

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Body Types. What Body Type Am I?

body type quiz

Women have various body types. Knowing your body type allows you to focus on the parts that you like in your body when you style your outfits and hide parts that you like less. It also allows you to find better well-fitted clothing when you shop online and to choose only styles that will look great on you.

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Hourglass Figure Outfit Ideas

hourglass figure

Ladies with hourglass figure usually have well-defined waist but bigger hips and bust. In other words, their bust and hips are roughly even. Certainly, women with this figure are extremely sexy because of their feminine curves.

Their bust and hips are roughly even. Usually women with this figure are extremely sexy because of their feminine curves.

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4 Causes of Low Self-Esteem When You Shop for Apparel

Apparel shopping can lead to low self-esteem. Pop-cultural cliches have led us to believe that women love shopping for clothes.

Yes, a lot of us do adore the idea of updating our wardrobe with new pieces that fit our style. We love the end product – taking home the coveted new dress, or skirt, or blouse.

What can we say about the process of shopping, though?

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How to find the best clothing size for you?


A question we are all asking ourselves is does size actually matter when insanity sizing exists? The sizes of the clothes in every store are all pretty different. The belief that you are a medium size everywhere turns out to be inaccurate and misleading. Actually, every brand has based their sizing on their target audience. So if you don’t fit into a retailer’s demographic, your size at their store will probably be different than the size you thought you were.

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