Are You Happy with the Clothes You Wear?

Rules and norms. Body image.

Society can already feel rigid and constricting. But what feels especially bad is being robbed of your womanly freedom to dress as you wish. To pick a wardrobe that excites you and lets you express yourself without any prejudice.

Too radical of a statement? Maybe, but just think about the numerous restrictions women are put under…not only by others, but by themselves too.

Should we still have to put up with these pressure in 2019?

How happy are you with the clothes you wear? Ever heard that little voice inside of you whispering “Hey, maybe this isn’t right for this occasion?”

There’s no need for that voice to be there at all. You need to have positibe body image.

The clothing prejudices women face every day

A 14-year old teenage girl at school. A 30-something entrepreneur who negotiates quotas and trade volume with potential partners. A mature woman in her fifties strolling through the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

It can – and has happened, to women of all demographics. We’re talking about overzealous prejudice that tries to force a crooked narrative:

You should dress like you are expected to, instead of dressing in a way that’s comfortable, exciting and helping you feel more confident.

Is that teenage girl too revealing? Why is the entrepreneur not wearing high heels during such an important meeting? And that strolling woman – isn’t her dress too bright, in just gaudy?

Throw in the various body types us women were born with and you have an explosive recipe of body shaming, of ways to slam a woman’s positive body image.

Some fight back – including clothing brands. A few years ago, Smart Glamour did a campaign that fought against body shaming and the idea that women should dress like society wants them to. There’s an epidemic of such imperatives, especially targeted at curvier and plus-size women.

Unfortunately, it’s far from enough. Prejudice and stereotyping are still prevalent at schools (and their uniforms) or workplaces (high heels and make up, make sure you’re dressed properly).

But the worst of all is that this pressure extends into our free time – those hours when we have the right to enjoy whatever clothing we like.

Here’s EXACTLY how important it is to wear what makes you happy

It’s very simple: there’s nothing worse than having to feel ashamed about your clothing choices. In fact, being put under such pressure impacts your overall well-being, mental health and self esteem.

OK, OK – maybe in some situations you have no choice. Working at some Fortune 500 companies or being a part of a public institution both involve a more conservative dress code.

However, we’re sure there are plenty of cases where you are free to dress yourself as you wish, yet cave in to external pressure. Or even worse, you yourself put limits to your dress code and start having body image issues.

You’d be surprised at how effective practicing body positivity can be. And the best way to be body positive is to never let anyone, including yourself and your doubts interfere with your wardrobe choices.

Science also backs up the fact that you should let go of limitations and doubts. Fashion psychologist Karen Pine organized Wear Something Different, empowering women to be brave with their attire and have bigger body confidence.

The results? You’ll love them:

  • 81.8% reported less stress
  • 72.7% reported less anxiety
  • 77.3% reported increased wellbeing

Other women have done their own creative, inspiring and exciting takes on the importance of dressing as you want. Here’s one such beauty who went through “dopamine dressing” – yet another way to organize your clothes without paying attention to rigid norms and prejudice.

In her case, she focused on bright, colorful clothing that made her feel powerful and positive.

When you feel happier, your clothes look even more dazzling on you

When you wear clothing that suits you, you feel more confident. That’s the power of positive body image.

Celebrity stylist Leesa Evens says it right in her interview for

According to her, there was no celebrity she dressed where the outfit was more important than how the person felt in that outfit.

Wearing what you like, what feels comfortable to you will make you happier.

It’s like a never-ending positive loop. You already wear an outfit that you love – and by feeling confident in it, by maintaining your positive self-body image, you make it look even better.

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