4 Causes of Low Self-Esteem When You Shop for Apparel

Pop-cultural cliches have led us to believe that women love shopping for clothes.

Yes, a lot of us do adore the idea of updating our wardrobe with new pieces that fit our style. We love the end product – taking home the coveted new dress, or skirt, or blouse.

What can we say about the process of shopping, though?

For a staggering amount of women, it’s actually a nightmare and a main cause for low self-esteem. Let’s look at a few reasons why.

#1 Cause of low self-esteem: Finding the right fit is a total gamble!

low self-esteem

Size inconsistencies can drive you crazy. As one expert says, the traditional shopping experience is like a numbers game. You won’t get away with trying on a piece or two.

No, finding something that

a) fits your overall style,

b) looks good on you and

c) actually follows the measurements of your body is a modern-day miracle.

It’s like gambling on a slot machine.

In order to hit the jackpot, you have to go through a lengthy session of pounding the pavement and schlepping clothing in and out of fitting rooms.

It doesn’t help that, as we noted in another post, sizes between brands can differ a lot. An unfortunate fact that decreases your odds of hitting the jackpot.

And you know what?

#2 It can really take a toll on you emotionally!

The constant frustration of ill-fitting clothing is a total downer. Little by little, that feeling of frustration can be a key contributor in lowering your self-esteem.

Is it your fault? Is something wrong with you, with your body?

No, it’s not your fault.

low self-esteem

There’s shame and low self-esteem, there’s guilt…and there’s even social anxiety.

Shopping around can feel like you’re constantly being pressured. It’s like a race. Very few women I’ve spoken with could relax while shopping for clothes. Especially on the busier weekend days when  retail stores tend to be packed.

#3 Changing rooms can be total hell 

In addition to the above, you have to deal with a little nightmare called: the fitting room. Usually, there are other women in the same situation as you – wandering around the store, hoping to find something that they feel great in!

And they all have the same goal in mind: to find a piece that truly fits.

And boy does this require some patience.

But that’s not everything.

You’ve finally reached your safe haven…and it turns out it’s plain awful. A lot of changing rooms are too hot. A surprising amount of them can be mind-bogglingly narrow. And the worst offender, a big portion of them also don’t offer you enough privacy so strangers can catch a glimpse on what you do behind those modestly-sized curtains.

Let’s not forget another culprit: fitting rooms can easily be the worst when it comes to lighting! How on Earth can you check out whether that dress fits you right in such a poorly lit room?!

#4 Good luck if you’re not the “standard” brands love so much!

Brands and retailers still haven’t properly caught up with the fact that women come in all shapes and sizes. They standardize almost everything – and those women who are “outside” of the “brand norm” are left with very poor shopping choices and subpar environment.

A lot of ladies hit a wall here. An example are petite women who are often confined to children’s clothing as Mallory Scholessberg, a petite herself elaborates in this editorial.

However, there’s one demographic that without a doubt has it the worst. Yes, we’re talking about all those plus-size ladies who simply want to have a comfortable shopping experience with a diverse choice of stylish garments.

The segregation of plus-size clothing is real !

First of all, the segregation of plus-size clothing is real. Sections with bigger sizes are either on a different floor or sentenced to a small, obscure corner outside of the retail spotlight. It’s like a spatial exile that can easily impact your self-esteem. It can really make you feel that you’re different, not like those other women we retailers prefer. Bad shopping experience is an often cause for low self-esteem among women.

Another frustrating factor is simple to understand: far too many brands confuse plus-size clothing with maternity clothes in terms of style! Lots of larger size clothes – especially dresses, have a conservative, plain, outright boring style.

If you’re plus-size, you can’t be elegant, daring or stylish? Seriously?

Not to mention how many store models you see showcasing plus-sized clothes are far away from actually being plus-sized!

These are only a few examples out of many more things that are simply wrong. You can find reasons upon reasons why plus-size ladies are frustrated with retailers – here’s what a few bloggers have to say.

Let’s face it. Those non-standard for retailers groups are faced with limited collections, mundane clothes that lag behind current fashion trends and an inventory that’s pushed towards the dark corners of the store.

How Fit+Inch” reinvents shopping and fights low self-esteem issues: Fun, easy and socially contributing

fitinch against low self-esteem

Our team has been in the fashion industry for long enough – both on the customer and designer side of things (with our brand Attitude157).

We know what’s wrong with the way modern women do their apparel shopping. We know you’re tired of piles upon piles of clothes in search of the right fit. Of limited selections for your body shape.

Our platform brings the designer to you – an expert who understands you and respects your body’s unique curves. Simply input your measurements and we will partner with our designers to create clothing that truly fits – without the aforementioned headache of mainstream shopping.

No need for pacing around with an armful of clothes. No waiting for sweaty changing rooms. No shoving into dark corners with limited fashion choices.

By using our platform you also contribute to a revolution in clothing sizes. Through gathering more unique measurements, we show designers the current gaps in clothing collections which impact other women like you. The result? Updated patterns and more diversity in women’s clothing so we can bring back the fun and simplicity in the female shopping experience. No more low self-esteem because of shopping.

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