The main purpose of Fit+inch" is to get rid of the size tags, to enhance body positivity and to build a community of confident women with high self-esteem who pick their garments not according to the number written on a tiny piece of paper but according to their own body shape and measurements. Fit+inch” mission is to boost women’s confidence.


Imagine a world where size didn’t matter anymore! Where a few simple measurements were all you needed to achieve wardrobing bliss. Where that dreaded little room full of mirrors and bad lighting was no longer the gateway to finding the perfect fit. Fit-Inch eliminates sizing and focuses on finding you the perfect fit through a few simple measurements.

Here Are The 3 Main Reasons Why Women Clothes Don’t Fit Properly

Clothes might be the same size, but their pattern is different!

Clothing size depends on both the fit of the clothing and the elasticity of the fabric. People rarely take this detail into consideration when they order clothes.

Clothes might be the same size, but women’s bodies are different!

Here comes the problem: a lot of the sizing labels don’t take into account the shape of your body.

Clothes might be the same size, but the suppliers are different!

Each apparel supplier has its own size chart depending on its market and target customers.

Finding the perfect dress is hard. Not only because there are numerous styles and brands but also because the fabrics of the dresses are different, the women body shapes are different and the fits of the dresses are different.

So it does not actually matter which size you are, the only thing that’s matter is whether this dress is comfortable for you.

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